Thursday 21 November 2019

WATCH: Miraculous rescue of pregnant pooch buried alive for two days

Sarah Jane Murphy

It's well known that dog lovers will do anything to ensure the welfare of their beloved pet.

This amazing video show the lengths one man went to in order to free his partner's beautiful dog.

It begins cryptically, as he painstakingly removes several bricks from a suburban pavement.

As the pile of bricks grows the man begins to burrow with his hands, scooping up armfuls of sand and creating a large hole.

Amazingly a gorgeous dog then can be seen buried under the rubble.

The heartwarming moment as he emerges stunned and clearly in a week state is something you will never forget.

As he is lifted out by his rescuers he manages to stand on all-fours and joy and relief are evident in his owner's voice.


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