Saturday 20 July 2019

WATCH: Michael Fassbender explains Irish slang to James McAvoy and Sophie Turner

James McAvoy, Sophie Turner, and Michael Fassbender for Vanity Fair
James McAvoy, Sophie Turner, and Michael Fassbender for Vanity Fair
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

There's nothing we enjoy more as a nation than explaining the idiosyncracies and oddities of our language and culture to people from beyond our shores.

Michael Fassbender is no different.

The German-born but Kerry-raised actor explains a selection of Irish words and phrases from 'ossified' to 'gobshite' to 'shift and drift' to his X-Men: Dark Phoenix co-stars Sophie Turner and James McAvoy in a video for Vanity Fair.

English actress Turner and Scotsman McAvoy also reveal the meanings behind some phrases particular to their parts of the world.

The video kicks off with McAvoy explaining to the producers that they're not explaining 'British, Irish and Scottish' slang but 'English, Irish and Scottish' slang because England is part of Britain.

With that niggle out of the way, they kick off with 'away with the fairies' which they all recognise but Fassbender reckons the explanation has something to do with actual fairies and magic mushrooms.

They all also recognise 'arse over tit', but Fassbender is the only one to see anything other than a furry feline in the word 'cat'.  'It's crap,' he explained.

'Acting the maggot' he explains as 'acting the gobsite, acting the eejit' and he says 'ossified' is related to doing drugs.

The lovely expression 'shift and drift' requires no explanation, although Fassbender says the 'drift' part 'did not exist in my time'.

Check out the full video here:

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