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WATCH: 'Gaga?!' – Grandfather will get to meet pop star after video goes viral


A 66-year-old grandfather is finally getting the chance to meet his favourite performer - Lady Gaga.

Jim, from Grand Rapids, Michigan, was surprised by his granddaughter Whitney with the tickets to see Lady Gaga perform in Las Vegas in May.

She posted a video of his reaction on Twitter, which quickly went viral.

And now Jim will also get the chance to meet his idol.

After the video became a hit online, the Vegas resort where Gaga will be performing contacted Whitney and offered to fly the pair out and pay for a meet and greet after the show.

Jim first fell in love with Lady Gaga a few years ago, after seeing her perform on TV.

His 20-year-old granddaughter said: "He recognises and admires her talent and her contributions to the industry as an artist and entertainer.

"He doesn't take much note to other mainstream pop artists. He just loves her music, her showmanship and performances, her acting, and just even keeping up with her, watching interviews, and reading about her."

The trip is a 21st birthday present for Whitney.

Jim will be attending the show alongside his granddaughter and his wife Mary-Beth, who is also a Lady Gaga fan.

She added that Jim was a "goofball" who loved to have fun.

Whitney said: "He's a very laid-back guy, and he can be serious when he has to be, but he can be very silly too - you can see that in the video when he was joking that he's booked all day on that day in May. He knows he's not busy!"

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