Sunday 18 August 2019

Watch: 'Don't be ringing me at 12 o'clock saying you got f**kin' mugged' - Dad's well-meaning rant before daughter goes abroad

**Warning** Explicit language used in video Newsdesk Newsdesk

This Irish dad was not letting his daughter travel abroad without dishing out his own unique brand of advice.

David Hughes did not like the way his 23-year-old daughter was packing for her summer trip - and his expletive-filled rant let her know exactly how he felt.

Corey filmed her father "going mad" over what she was intending to wear and where she would be storing her passport and wallet.

"You put (the schoolbag) on your back with a big f**kin' neon sign saying, 'zip me f**kin' opened!' And there ya go, professional pickpocket, handbag out," he tells her.

"You always keep your money and your passport in front of ya, not f**kin' behind ya!"

His daughter seems to see the funny side of his well-meaning barrage though saying, "This is just a normal day in my house."

And even though David tells Corey, "Don't be ringing me at 12 o'clock saying you got f**kin' mugged! End of fuckin' story", we bet he'd come to save the day.

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