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Watch: Bizarre moment woman pulls steel bollard out of ground in Galway - before taking it home with her

CCTV footage recorded from a pub in Galway, shows the moment an unidentified woman pulled a steel bollard from the ground with her hands and carried it off with her.

The video was posted to Carroll's on Dominick Street's Facebook page by owner Darragh Mullin on Wednesday asking followers if they could identify her.

The post read: 'Can someone please tell us who this lady is? She has literally pulled our steel bollard out of the ground. We need her to help us lift our bus in the beer garden a couple of inches'.

"I came to work and noticed the bollard was missing and went through the outside camera footage and the next thing I see is my bollard being pulled out of the ground", Darragh told Independent.ie.

"We still haven't found out who this mysterious woman is and the bollard is still missing."

"I was only having the craic trying to locate her but everyone seems to like the story and the video has gone viral."

Watch the video and see this bizarre moment unfold.

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