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Saturday 21 September 2019

WATCH: Beautiful moment mum sings 'Never Enough' for terminally ill son

Abigail singing to her son Lincoln
Abigail singing to her son Lincoln
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

A heartwarming video of a mother playing piano and singing to her terminally ill baby has gone viral.

Abigail Reimer Tanner is mum to 15 month old Lincoln who is battling a very rare and terminal form of epilepsy called MMPSI.

Abigail and Lincoln were visiting Duke Cancer Centre in North Carolina last month for several appointments with specialists when they had a few minutes free in their schedule.

"The piano in the Duke Cancer Centre is on the way to our neurologist and I just sat down for a few minutes to play that gorgeous piano while Lincoln slept," Abigail tells Independent.ie.

"I rushed out for our appointment when a Duke employee stopped me and said they were listening up above and were touched, would I do it again and allow them to share it on their page. So that is the moment that has been shared."

Abigail gave a beautiful performance of The Voice's Loren Allred's 'Never Enough' and she says "a crowd had gathered by the time I was finished".

Writing on their page about Abigail, the Duke Cancer Institute described the mum of three as having "the voice of an angel".

Of her son, Abigail says, "Lincoln is a treasure and singing for him is a precious gift.  It’s a new song to us. I’m grateful that his hearing is perfect and that he knows my voice. He never complains so I think he enjoys it!"

She adds, "I’m so grateful God has given me this outlet to encourage others and to process my own emotions in this journey.

"And of course, to be able to sing with my kids. My oldest wrote a sweet chorus for Lincoln so a friend and I wrote music and verses and we sing that every night before bed."

Of the response to the video, she says she's "blown away" and adds that it has been a "privilege to hear from struggling special needs parents or folks who are just thankful for a perspective shift.

"To have borrowed the ears of so many and have this platform is a gift. Our son’s disease is so rare and we'd love to raise awareness for more research.

"Also, our message is that Lincoln’s life is worth living. Some trolls have been saying harsh and hateful things. But I’m here to say that Lincoln is a treasure and I have changed, our whole family has changed for the better by knowing, loving, and caring for him.

"Without saying a single word, he has preached over and over again of the things that matter, that God’s promises are true, and to suffer with grace."

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