Wednesday 21 August 2019

WATCH: A woman's video diary detailing her fight against cancer helped her to find true love

Sarah-Jane Murphy

When Lara Honnor (32) decided to make a video diary chronicling her battle with cancer the last thing she expected was that it would lead to her finding love.

In 2014 Lara was diagnosed with triple negative receptor breast cancer.

Her aim in making the 'Get Your Ti*s Out' vlog was to offer support to young people who are fearful following a cancer diagnosis.



One of the most poignant moments in the video diary sees Lara admitting her heartache at the thought of never finding love.

"I felt really sad because I’d been single for quite a few years and I was ready for a relationship. But London is not the easiest place to meet someone.

"I’ve had relationships, but there was no chance I was going to meet someone in the middle of treatment," she told

But little did Lara know that at that very moment a young man in Brighton, Mikey (who is now her boyfriend) was viewing her video diary with interest.

"A mutual friend posted my blog on her Facebook in April and Mikey read my blog post and sent me a message.

"He’s got cystic fibrosis and he said that he wanted to tell me how much he loved my blog and that he knew how much I was going through.

"When you have a life threatening illness, you kind of feel like you’re not on the same level as all the healthy people on Earth, but you’re not quite dead in heaven so you’re in the middle, you’re one step closer to death.

"So he and I shared this connection of having a life threatening illness and shared an understanding of death," Lara explained.

She also feared a potential partner wouldn't understand the realities of having a serious illness and may class her as 'damaged goods'.

"It’s really nice to find somebody who isn’t put off by all this," she said.

Lara’s feisty approach to fighting cancer is clearly evident both in her video diary and its accompanying blog.

Happily, Lara has recently been given the all-clear, but says she never gets ‘too excited’ and never takes anything for granted.

She says she is loving life and credits cancer with giving her a new positive outlook.

"It was the most bizarre experience having cancer. Every day was like Christmas.

"I would receive cards, presents, flowers, somebody would make me a CD compilation, my heart was going to burst with the love I received.

"But it’s their support that carried me through. It’s actually hats off to my friends and family that I’m still here," Lara said.

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