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WATCH: 89-year-old man kills it with his first stand-up routine


"Just because you're old doesn't mean you should stop having fun."

89-year-old man Chuck Esterly from Cincinnati, Ohio, made his stand-up debut at a local comedy club to rapturous applause.

Esterly mainly spent his seven minute routine discussing his age and his wife and had some genuine laughs in the club. His appearance is now doing the rounds after comedian Mark Chalifoux shared the clip on YouTube.

"I'd like to prove to you and to myself that just because you're old, you don't have to stop having fun," Chuck began his set.

"Take for instance, last summer, I was working on the yard and across the street, I saw this gorgeous young widow walk towards me. She said: 'I know your wife is out of town and I'm feeling a little horny and I would like to have a few drinks and some wild sex. Are you busy tonight?'

"I said, 'No' and she said, 'Great, would you mind watching my dog?"

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