Saturday 14 December 2019

Viral: Woman freaks out over first grandchild news

Clare Cullen

A woman has gone viral for her over-the-top reaction to news of her first grandchild.

Lisa Englert gave her mother a fake Valentine's Day card from her unborn grandchild as a way to break the news.

Englert's mother found the news a little.. overwhelming.

Englert had previously told her mother that her trip to the ER was due to a harmless cyst, when in fact it was due to a baby. "I lied! I totally lied to you."

Watch the video above.

Lisa is no stranger to online success, having previously gone 'viral' for her 'Brother/Sister Wedding Dance Suprise' video, when she and her brother surprised guests at her wedding with an interesting dance routine. That video accumulated over 1.5m views.

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