Saturday 20 April 2019

Viral Sensation: Six of the best Teresa Mannion parody videos

The RTE journalist is set to appear on the Late Late Show tonight

Teresa Mannion reporting on RTE news during storm Desmond
Teresa Mannion reporting on RTE news during storm Desmond
Memes of Teresa Mannion haven't been slow about appearing (source: Beat 102-103)
Teresa Mannion with some Star Wars inspired company (Sean Brody)

Sarah-Jane Murphy

Teresa Mannion became an Internet sensation after her weather report from the eye of Storm Desmond went viral.

The journalist, who broadcast live from Salthill promenade in Galway last Saturday, revealed that even news giants CNN wish to make contact with her.

Her dramatic, rain-soaked report managed to catch the eye of US Pop sensation Ariana Grande (22), who posted a video of the report to her Snapchat account.

Meanwhile dozens of 'tribute videos' have appeared online since Teresa's epic weather report aired.

Here are some of the best of them:

The original:

The original clip of Teresa's report has now been watched 462,000 times after Carlitos Salazar posted it on Saturday evening.


The techno remix:

Super Ceili's remix, using techno music with hints of Europop, has been a huge hit online with a whopping 864,000 views to date.


The A-List version:

This hilarious version samples Rihanna's classic hit 'Umbrella', and incorporates Teresa's words in perfect time with the famous tune.

It has racked up 16,000 hits since it was uploaded to YouTube.


The impresario:

Tipperary man John Heenan executes a pitch perfect impression of Teresa's pleading tones, as she begs the people of Ireland not to make "unnecessary journeys".

His rendition has proved popular with viewers and the clip has been seen by 92,000 people.


The comedian's turn:

Oliver Callan can always be relied on to poke fun at whatever is hitting the headlines in our little country.

Sure enough his turn as 'Dobbo' reporting that a "hysterical Teresa Mannion is on the loose and is reaching Charlie Bird hysteria levels" is just genuis.

It's notched up 73,000 views.


The child's interpretation:

This five-year-old little girl showcases her impressive acting skills as she mimics Teresa's report, using a water bottle as a microphone.

38,000 people have watched her take on Teresa's warnings - "Don't go swimming in the river, you'll be blown away."


The acoustic treatment:

Finally, Jenny Clifford provides us with a soothing and relaxing version of Teresa's legendary report.

This clip sees her playing an acoustic guitar, providing the perfect accompaniment to Teresa's dramatic tones.

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