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Vine star trends worldwide after x-rated video leak


A Vine star with over four million followers on the social media platform is the number one Twitter trend around the world following the leak of an x-rated video.

Carter Reynolds and his ex-girlfriend, Instagram star Maggie Lindemann, feature in the video, which shows a fully-clothed Lindemann sitting on the bed.

Carter's genitals are visible in the video and he can be heard to say "Do it" and "just pretend (the camera) isn't there". Lindemann replies "I don't think I can", repeating "I am really uncomfortable". The video ends with Carter saying "Oh my gosh, Maggie".

The two social media stars recently broke up amid a very public spat on Twitter, in which Lindemann claimed she ended the relationship because Carter "makes me feel like sh*t".

"I dumped him because he yells at me if I don’t do what he wants, or if I do anything he doesn’t like". she tweeted.

“He tells me to STFU and doesn’t let me do stuff…gets mad if I want to hang out with friends".

Since the breakup Lindemann has been defending herself against death threats online but the tide has turned in the wake of the leak with fans labelling the video "gross".

Lindemann is seventeen and hails from Texas, where the standard age of consent is seventeen, with the 'minimum age' of consent being fourteen for couples where the older person is also less than seventeen.

Neither party have commented on the leak.

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