Monday 19 August 2019

Video: Ron Burgundy co-anchors a live TV news report

ANCHORMAN star Ron Burgundy takes up the offer to co-anchor a live half-hour broadcast on KXMB-TV, a newscast in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Burgundy kicks off the show in his usual fashion with a smart quip to his lady co-host: “Amber you look lovely tonight, are you married?”

She replies: “No!” Burgundy: “Well I am – so don’t be getting any ideas”.

As part of the lead up to the much anticipated sequel to cult comedy Anchorman, the marketing team have pulled out all the stops to help make the world know Ron Burgundy is back in Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues!

With brief comedy sketches of hit TV show Love/Hate and The Late Late Toy Show, Ron Burgundy has already captured the Irish market.

We wait in anticipation for the moustached master to show us why we loved the first film so much.

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