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VIDEO: Remember the dad angry about son's driving test? Well now his cousin isn't happy with brother's tractor driving

A Roscommon farmer has gained over 20,000 views on social media after his daughter recorded his expletive-laden rant at his brother's driving.

Thomas McGreal, originally from Leitrim, was driving behind a tractor of turf driven by his brother, JJ, when the tractor "took an awful wobble", Thomas' wife Anne told Independent.ie.

"Thomas almost had a breakdown... he rang his brother and that was the conversation they were having that you can hear".

"He thought he was going to lose the whole thing".

"He was on the phone telling him to watch the load and take it easy... he was going mental".

Thomas' daughter Thomasina (12) was filming on her phone and managed to capture her father's outburst.

"There's a fuller video", Anne told Independent.ie. "We trimmed that one down".

Thomas is a "distant relation" of the man who went viral for his expletive-laden reaction to his sons (fake) news that he failed his driving test, Anne revealed. She said that it was this man who contacted the family to tell them to put the clip on YouTube and enable monetization after spotting it on Facebook.

"Just for a laugh I put it up on Facebook... I didn't realise it would be such a hit".

The video gained over 5,500 views on Facebook before Anne put it on YouTube, where it has racked up over 15,000 hits overnight. "It was 200 there yesterday.. it's after shooting up overnight".

Anne says Thomas is already back to work despite his new-found fame. "He's gone to work... he can't believe it's such a big hit!"

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