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Video: Man who smashed $1m Ai Weiwei vase admits he is a fan of the Chinese artist

The disgruntled Florida painter, who destroyed a $1million vase created by Ai Weiwei, has admitted that he is a fan of the controversial Chinese artist and dissident.

Maximo Caminero told a local newspaper that he did not realise the value of the vase and said the action was a "spontaneous protest" partly inspired by the Chinese artist.

Footage has emerged of the moment Mr Caminero destroyed the precious vase on Sunday, at the Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM), in protest at the lack of local art on display at the museum.

The Florida artist has been charged with criminal mischief and could face up to five years in prison under state law.

The vase was part of a floor installation of 16 brightly painted vases dating back more than 2,000 years to China's Han dynasty.

Ai Weiwei has used ancient artefacts in the past to create pieces, attracting criticism from some, who argue that he is defacing the originals.

The artist is known for his provocative work, including 'Grass Mud Horse' which features nude photographs of himself with only a stuffed toy to protect his modesty, but this is the first time one of Ai Weiwei's least controversial pieces has caused anger.

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