Wednesday 13 November 2019

Video: Cruellest practical joke ever? Dad pretends his son is blown up on quad bike

Photo: RomanAtwood/Youtube
Photo: RomanAtwood/Youtube Newsdesk Newsdesk

A comedian has played possibly the cruellest practical joke imaginable on the mother of his child - by pretending their son had been blown up on a quad bike.

In a clip already watched by nearly three million people, Roman Atwood pretends to be looking at a quad bike to buy for his three-year-old son, Kane, in Ohio.

His girlfriend Brittney joins them and is then asked by Atwood to go and get his checkbook from the car so he can buy the vehicle.

While she is gone, Atwood tells his son to run away and hide, quickly replacing him with a dummy wearing the same clothing and helmet. The quad bike is remote controlled.

As she walks back to the scene, the quad bike starts up and shoots off towards some woods, giving the appearance that the child has lost control of it.

The couple run after it desperately.

But it explodes in a ball of flames after going over a jump and into a ditch.

But she then realises she has been pranked.

She is not impressed with Atwood but gives her son a tearful hug.

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