Tuesday 10 December 2019

Ukip supporter releases cringeworthy anti-EU music video

Michael Wilkinson

A cringeworthy parody video calling for Britain to leave the EU has been produced by a Ukip supporter.

The Britain's Coming Home video, produced by Ukip's Mandy Boylett, a former candidate for the party, parodies David Baddiel and Frank Skinner's iconic Three Lions anthem.

With lyrics such as "We're coming out, we're boting leave. Believe in Britain coming home" the video has even won praise from David Baddiel who created the original two decades ago for England 1996 Euro football team.

He tweeted: "Just to be clear: me and Frank didn't give permission for this. But it's so brilliantly naff, we might've anyway."

He later said it was a "fabulous suggestion" that it could become Britain's entry for the Eurovision Song Contest.

People who have already endured the experience of watching the video were somewhat more critical.

"How embarrassing", wrote one YouTube user, while another said: "Well that's the Eurovision entry sorted."

The lyrics of the song continue: "Scare stories already begun, we’ve seen it all before.

"From Lib/ Lab and Cameron. “But we know the EU’s full of flaws.

"And they’ve opened our doors, overruled many laws."

Ms Boylett was Ukip's parliamentary candidate for Stockton North and has previously been featured singing Abba songs such as Chiquitita.


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