Friday 21 June 2019

UK publication The Times used a very odd euphemism for sex and Twitter is appalled

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Rumpy pumpy, a bit of 'how's your father?', banging, rolling in the hay, a bit of bump n grind - there are hundreds of terrible euphemism for sex, but UK publication The Times may have shared the most terrible of all.

On Wednesday they posted a link to an article on Twitter with the caption, "'It's TV that kills your sex life': people who own TV sets are 6 per cent less likely in any given week to 'sweep the special chimney'"

It's an article by Carol Midgley about sex and the impact TV has on the sex lives of those in the throes of middle age.

Carol appears to be quoting from a study from the University of Delaware that has found that TV kills your sex life.

"People who own TV sets — and, let’s face it, that’s mostly the over-40s because they’re the only ones who can afford houses to put them in — are 6 per cent less likely in any given week to “sweep the special chimney”. Along with mobile phones, television is associated with “sex life morbidity”." she writes.

However, since the article is behind a paywall, many people on Twitter may not have actually read it.  Not that it would make much difference - the phrase itself, whatever its origin, is the bit that's sticking in the collective Twitter craw.

Here are some of the best reactions:

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