Wednesday 13 November 2019

TV host storms off set after co-host harassment, claims she was 'pressured' to say it was fake before being fired

Clare Cullen

A TV host has claimed that she was forced to say a live segment was "planned to go viral" after she stormed off set live on-air, but lost her job anyway.

Mexican TV host Tania Reza was fired from Mexican TV show A Toda Maquina (ATM) after she stormed off-set live on-air following 'harassment' from her co-host.

The short clip sees Reza's co-host attempt to lift her skirt and poke her breasts before being criticised, to which he replies 'If I grabbed, you I would have done this", brushing her breast.

Reza took off her mic and placed it on the table before walking off-set, at which point her co-host Enrique Tovar apologies for his "hormonal" co-host.

A video was later posted to the TV Network's YouTube channel in which both hosts said they were "good friends" and that the clip had been faked in order to "go viral". Both hosts were then terminated from the station.

A statement released by the broadcaster said that the hosts showed "improper behaviour". The statement claimed that "both have said the scene was acted with the purpose of creating a viral content" but that the hosts did not let the team know what they were about to do.

"Televisa strongly condemns this and any kind of harassment".

"Consistent with (our code of ethics), we reported that both drivers have been separated from the company".

Reza subsequently took to her Facebook Page, writing "in these situations, there are pressures on the part of the 'companies and obligations to say', or even record, that I'm guilty". (translated from Spanish)

The hashtag #TaniaRezaCalientaHombres took off on Twitter following the broadcast, which means 'Tania Reza sexual teaser'.

Twitter users began the hashtag to attack Reza but others soon joined to defend her, calling the hashtag "pitiful".

The Latin Times have questioned the footage, writing that ATM may not actually be a live broadcast as understood, claiming "production was well aware of what had happened on the show."

Televisa has released an updated statement which says that "After a detailed investigation of what happened" and "Taking into account new information that has come up" both hosts will be re-instated "with the provision of dedicating time to talking about the prevention of sexual harassment and other topics relating to discrimination in the workplace."

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