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Train kick selfie guy set to make up to €180,000 off his own buffoonery


Train Kick Selfie Guy, for that is his official name now, looks as though he will profit hugely from his recent viral video through licensing and advertising.

Yes, in 2014, get-rich-quick schemes are no longer about selling stuff door-to-door but filming yourself being kicked in the face by a passing train driver.

Jared Frank (22) has attracted over 24 million views in a week for his selfie gone wrong video, leading him to sign a deal with licensing company Jukin Media.

According to one report, the arrangement could mean up to €180,000 in revenue for Frank, while there is the potential for more income through other licensing and advertising on his channel.

Frank is staying cautious regarding the deal however, telling the Canadian Press: "People probably already are seeing me in a negative light as the idiot who got kicked in the head, so I don’t want to be the idiot who thought he was going to make millions of dollars and ended up with a $400 pay cheque."

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