Wednesday 18 September 2019

Toddler throws tantrum in the White House, President Obama is unfazed

Pic Laura Mosey/Twitter
Pic Laura Mosey/Twitter

If there's one place you would hope your toddler won't throw a tantrum it's probably the White House, in front of President Obama.

Journalist Laura Moser knows exactly how it feels since her daughter Claudia decided to throw a whopper strop and take to the floor in rage during a visit to the White House for Passover.

Moser posted the image to Twitter and President Obama is seen gesturing to the child in jest as though it's something he finds unacceptable.

First Lady Michelle Obama can be seen in the background looking on in amusement.  With two daughters of her own - Malia and Sasha - she has probably been there and worn the tantrum t-shirt.

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