Wednesday 20 November 2019

Tinder sends 'couple' who went viral after texting for 3 years on an amazing first real life date

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Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

A 'couple' who went viral on Saturday for their three year banter - without ever having met up - are off to Hawaii courtesy of Tinder.

Michelle Arendas (21) and Josh Avsec (22), both from Ohio, were matched on the app 36 months ago but have only sporadically exchanged messages - joking about how long it takes them to respond and coming up with witty reasons why.

When Buzzfeed shared a selection of their exchanges they went viral.

When Tinder got wind of it they decided it was time they met up IRL and offered them the chance to do so anywhere they liked.

They chose Hawaii.

Josh described it as "some sort of dream" and added, "A date in Hawaii is far more epic than I could ever have imagined."

Michelle was pretty chuffed too.

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