Monday 16 September 2019

This young couple have melted 34M hearts with this short clip

Clare Cullen

A young couple have melted 34 million hearts online after a short clip of them went viral.

The clip, which was shot on a mobile phone, shows the male of the couple walking up to a school entrance with flowers.

He dutifully waits there for around a minute until his 'crush' spots him on her way out of the gate.

She throws her arms around him and the gathered crowds clap. He then gets down on one knee and presents her with the bouquet of red roses and she begins to cry.

The short clip has been viewed on Facebook over 34 million times. 'DJ Alligator' on Facebook posted the clip, writing only "remember your first crush"?

"This is a brave young gentleman with a huge heart".

Remember your first crush? This is a brave young Gentleman with a huge heart. So Inspiring!

Posted by DJ Aligator on Thursday, 5 November 2015

While most are moved by the touching video, some are concerned that the couple are "too young" to be in love. One commenter disagreed with this, writing that he "fancied someone from the second I seen her" when he was 13 years old. "I waited.. when I was 15, finally it happened. I got her. 13 years later, we've been married for five years and have three children - I stilll have the woman of my dreams".

Another added "you are never too young to love" while a third wrote "when a young heart can teach the old how to love, that's inspiring".

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