Sunday 19 January 2020

This girl unknowingly turned down an Olympic gold medallist on Tinder

Amy Mulvaney

A student from Texas got a major shock when she realised that she matched with Olympic gold medallist Joseph Schooling - and didn't reply.

Sabryna Salazar was watching the 100m butterfly event when she realised one of the contestants looked familiar.

She went through her Tinder account and realised she had matched with Joseph, from Singapore, in April – but never replied to his message.

Sabryna (20) took  to Twitter to share a screenshot of their conversation, which she never continued.

“My Tinder match just won the 100M butterfly final and beat Michael Phelps,” she wrote.

“This is my greatest accomplishment.”

She then followed up with this heartbreaking tweet: "and not replying to his message was my greatest failure."

Sabryna told her mother the news, who said what we’re all thinking.

“Omg so this app said you should meet that athlete?? And you didn’t reply??”

Sabryna seems to see the funny side to the story, however, telling MailOnline that she thinks it’s “hilarious” that they matched.

That’ll make you think twice next time you swipe left.

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