Thursday 17 October 2019

'There will be no bathroom breaks' - Avengers fan posts stringent list of rules for friends who watch Endgame with her

Avengers (Matt Crossick/PA)
Avengers (Matt Crossick/PA)
The cast of Avengers: Infinity War (Matt Crossick/PA)
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Those of you easily enraged by noisy eaters, people who take toilet breaks, and people who ask questions while watching a film at the cinema will appreciate the demands of one Avengers fan.

Ahead of the release of Avengers: Endgame on April 25, a Twitter user with the handle @museandblues has posted a list of rules for anyone watching the Marvel film in her company on the big screen.

"We will be seated at least 15 minutes before the movie begins," she states.

She also states that nobody should ask questions about what's happening during the film as they should have "watched recaps like a smart person".

"There will be no unnecessary talking or chewing" she says, adding that people will "cry and laugh at appropriate times".

So far, we're on board, although her next demand, that "there will be no bathroom breaks" may be pushing it with a bum-numbing, bladder-bursting three-hour run time.

It is perhaps not too unreasonable, however, to request that people stay to watch the end credits, and walk to the car "and ponder the events that unfolded in silence."

Finally, she says, "We will discuss our thoughts and feelings about the movie on the following day when I'm not longer an emotional wreck."

The tweet has garnered 1,100 likes with many people agreeing with the Avengers fan's demands, although there are some who point out that Endgame is "just a movie".

"I know who I'm not watching with" adds another.

It may well be just a movie, but the hype is deafening and earlier this week cinema websites reportedly crashed due to the high volume of fans buying tickets in advance.

Odeon and Cineworld suffered issues due to a surge in demand prompted by the release of tickets.

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