Wednesday 17 January 2018

The ten worst things about the 2014 IFTAs

Brian O'Reilly

Brian O'Reilly

THE 2014 IFTA ceremony has been sharply criticised - from poor sound to bad camera work

Narrowing down the list to just ten of the worst things was hard - but we managed.

The Jokes


From the opening joke about Spanish students – it was all downhill. The tumbleweed was busy on Saturday night, with the dreadful dialogue punctuated by awkward silences throughout. Even normally hip MTV presenter Laura was cringing as she made her way through her lines.


The Boozing

Oh, the boozing. If only we had copious amounts of free wine to numb the pain of one of the worst nights in Irish television history. As the ceremony went on, the crowd paid less attention to the winners’ speeches, and more to how to sneak that half bottle of pinot out after the show.


The fact these two weren’t the hosts


Laura and Simon must have been outraged – to have been upstaged by a bunch of kids barely out of primary school. “Let’s get on with this nominations thing so we can hit the buffet” was possibly the best line of the night – summing up what many of us were thinking – why am I watching this, when I could be eating?


'What did she say?' The poor sound


The problem with serving a meal during a live TV broadcast? The sounds which accompany a meal.

From cutlery clattering, to plates being scraped – it really gave you that restaurant experience. At an awards show.


The camera work

So the sound is terrible, but at least some snazzy camera work will improve the viewer experience, right? Wrong. Unless the panoramic experience is what they were after, hence the shots of the floor.


The 'Selfie'


When Ellen did this at the Oscars it became the most re-tweeted tweet of all time. When Simon Delaney did it at the IFTAs, it provided the biggest collective face palm of the night. Even the girls at the Fair City table in the background looked morto.


The RTE 'booers'


Sometimes you don’t need to be nominated to show up at an Awards bash. Sometimes just being you is enough. However when someone dares to suggest you’re a ‘hanger-on’ you boo them, right? Because why should a nominee get to attend the ceremony. 


The audience forgetting they were at an awards show


Why would anyone bother to show any respect to those talented enough to win an award? Sure there's free booze and food. But you were all silent for Brendan Gleeson - why? Because he'd batter you if you had the cheek to talk over him.


The 25-minute overrun

Titanic leaving Southhampton

You weren’t watching the IFTAs. You were tuning in at 11.55 to see ‘Saving the Titanic’, the story of self sacrifice by Titanic’s brave engineers who battled to keep the lights on as the stricken liner sank in the icy Atlantic. Think again, historical drama fan. The IFTAs decided to overrun by 25 minutes – why? Because when you’re in a hole, why stop digging. Insert your ironic Titanic/IFTA comparison here.


The Ending


“Thank you at home for watching”, Laura said. “Now it’s off to the afterparty”, added Simon.

Where was our afterparty? Those of us left still standing were just left outraged, having been robbed of two hours of our lives.


Further Reading

- RTE to launch major review in production blunders at IFTAs 

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