Saturday 17 March 2018

The four different types of housemate

Mark McConville

Mark McConville

With renting and sharing accommodation becoming the new norm, have you ever wondered what type of housemate you are? The loveable rogue that can get away with anything or are you the housemate everyone hates? Read on and let us know what kind of housemate you are in the comments below.


The Chancer

The Chancer tries to avoid doing the fair share of housework and only gives in when all the dishes are dirty and is eating cereal out of a cup. Has to be chased for monthly bills and doesn't contribute to household goods eg. cleaning products, bathroom essentials etc – but has no problem using them!

They don't care if the music’s too loud even after the 3rd complaint because they want to have a good time.

The Chancer will have a shower whenever they want with no regard to sleeping housemates – regardless of who put the water on for a shower. (They’ll also then use all the water).

Best known by their calling card:



The Loner

The Loner works hard during the week and likes doing their own thing in their spare time. They mostly stay in their room with their computer. They more than likely have a blog.

Their Bedroom is clean and the general living spaces have to have some kind of order. For this reason, the Loner does not live well with the chancer.

Not known for their spontaneity and doesn't like confrontation when faced with a problem with another housemate. Keeps quiet until the situation calms down, but is capable of exploding if pushed too far.




The Social Butterfly

The Social Butterfly lights the candle at booths ends and parties just as hard as they work. They never seem to sit still. Majority of the time their only seen by other housemates either recovering from the night before or when they're late and rushing to go to work. They have so many friends it’s hard for their housemates to keep track. They constantly bring home new people without checking with their housemates.




Their room can only be described as organised chaos but helps keep common living areas clean.

The Social Butterfly will often forgo a shower in favour of dry shampoo when rushing to work after a late night and so will not hold up the shower in the morning.

The Social Butterfly aims to unite the house, organising nights out together “as a family”.


The Boss

The Boss has to chase roommates when bills need to be paid. They will often be the one to send email reminders about rent due.

The Boss is an organiser and keeps their own room clean and makes sure house is kept in a tidy manner.

Any issues involving a housemate, 'the boss' will call a house meeting to get the matter dealt with promptly.

Has a set day each week for doing washing and ironing and loves routine. The weekends is their time to let loose and are popular with the opposite sex.

Sometimes their bossy ways can lead to other housemates trying to avoid them, especially around rent time.


What type of housemate are you?



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