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'The Force Awakens': Gardai are celebrating Star Wars today


Star Wars fans across the globe are celebrating the iconic franchise today, May 4.

An Garda Siochana are clearly no different as they decided to use the occasion to pay tribute George Lucas'  fantasy series.

They shared a photo of what appeared to be a Garda clutching a red lightsaber on their Twitter account.

They joked: "The Garda 'Force Awakens', on the lookout for a 'Rogue One' or a 'Phantom Menace'

"Take care on the roads you must!


Meanwhile, they also showed a more serious side as they revealed they had arrested a motorcyclist who was already banned for driving for ten years.

They detained the biker for doing 200kmh in a 100kmh zone in Limerick and said that court will follow.

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