Thursday 23 January 2020

The best job in the world? University seeks student to complete PhD in chocolate

Chocolate Shavings (Stock photo)
Chocolate Shavings (Stock photo)

Heather Saul

Cambridge University is looking for someone to undertake a PhD that for the sweet-toothed many could lead them to their dream position – becoming the first doctor of chocolate.

The University’s Department of Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology is looking for a researcher to join their team in January 2015.

The fully funded, three-and-a-half year studentship will see the successful candidate work closely with supervisors who have “extensive experience in studying soft solids, including foods.”

The “mainly experimental” project will challenge the researcher to find ways in which chocolate, which has a melting point close to that of the human body, can remain solid and retain qualities in warm climates.

However, the candidate will also need to have good mathematical skills, a 2.1 degree and have studied physics, chemistry, materials science or engineering for at least four years.

And while a multidisciplinary PhD on chocolate may well have worldwide appeal, funding regulations mean it is only available to EU nationals.

Candidates hoping to study chocolate have until the 29 August to apply.

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