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The 69 new emoji that could be coming to your phone



Mermaid, zombie and vampire emoji could be coming to your phone very soon if a new draft list of the colourful symbols is approved.

Emojipedia has just published a list of the 69 new emoji candidates which have been slated for release later this year.


However, not all emoji featured on the list will definitely make the final cut, as they still need to be officially approved by the Unicode Technical Committee.

The suggested Emoji 5.0 batch includes a T-Rex, a Merman, a shocked face with exploding head ('mind blown') and a breastfeeding woman.

Other emoji include a bearded person, a genie, a man elf, a hush symbol and a humble coconut.

It can take years to get a new emoji approved and rolled out to different tech companies like Apple and Google.

Plans to introduce a redhead emoji were discussed in January.

“The lack of a redhead emoji has been the most frequent complaint from users in the past three months,” said Jeremy Burge, founder of Emojipedia.

Last year, the Unicode Consortium approved 72 new emoji - including clowns, shrugs and facepalms.