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Stubborn goat 'arrested' by Mounties after a night on the town


The goat refused to let staff move it after it bunkered down for the night Credit: RCMP

A sleepy goat looking to bed down for the evening ended up in custody after refusing to move along when confronted by police.

Officers from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police unit were called to an unusual disturbance on Sunday morning, when a passing goat bunkered down and refused to leave a coffee shop.

Staff at Tim Hortons in the town of Saskatchewan were confronted with the sleepy animal after it escaped from a rodeo at a nearby university.

According to a CTV News report, two Mounties were called to deal with the animal shortly after 4am after employees tried to lead it outside but the stubborn goat turned around and walked back through the restaurant's automatic doors.

“He was very unhappy with this so the members decided to take him home instead of to holding cells at the detachment,” RCMP said in a tongue-in-cheek news release that referred to them having “arrested” the animal. 

Officers proceeded to visit surrounding farms looking for the goat’s owners and ultimately took him to a veterinary hospital where he was held until they were located.


The troublesome goat was looking for somewhere warm to spend the night, said Mounties Credit: RCMP

"The employees would ask him to leave and walk him outside, but he would just turn around and come back in through the automatic doors," RCMP said.

“We believe the goat was simply cold and decided to sleep in the space.”

Store employees said the goat ambled through the parking lot and took a nap in the drive-through at one point.

“Our employees see all sorts of customers overnight but this one wasn't kidding around," said a spokesperson for the coffee chain.

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