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Social media users hit back with Anti-NekNomination videos


The dangerous Facebook fad 'NekNominate' has led to some social media users fighting back with anti-'NekNominate' videos.

Several videos have surfaced across Facebook and YouTube which aim to put a stop to the "ridiculous" NekNominate craze.

Irish examples include one man who sarcastically attempted to 'neck' a cup of tea, stopping after one sip because "I'm not hard enough". He then blasted the craze as 'stupid' and implored people to stop participating.

South African man Brent Lindeque "decided to create something positive" out of the trend.

Instead of rapidly drinking a pint, he carried out an act of charity.

His chosen charity act was to provide a man who was begging with a sandwich, chocolate bar and a bottle of coke.

He then tagged two more people to carry out charity acts.

Linhdeque's video features facts and figures about poverty in South Africa overlaid on the screen as he carries out his anti-NekNomination.

He wants people to tweet their videos with the hashtag #OnlyTheGoodThings.

He points out the power of the NekNomination craze and the difference that power could make if used for positive things.

"Downing a can of Castle Light is easy... imagine if we all harnessed the power of social media to make a real difference in peoples lives."

Users have complained about Facebook not removing NekNomination videos, and calls have been made to ban the practice from the site. Facebook has been contacted for a comment.

A Facebook page called 'Stop NekNominate' was been set up 20 hours ago and already has over 600 likes.

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