Saturday 23 November 2019

Shocking footage shows grieving family members trying to 'smash open' tomb after 'hearing screams from inside' Newsdesk Newsdesk

Shocking footage has been released showing grieving family members attempting to smash into a concrete tomb to help a teenager who they believed 'woke up' inside.

Frantic family members believed they had heard deceased teen Neysi Perez (16) crying for help.

Relatives smashed open the tomb and the wooden casket and claimed the window on her coffin had been smashed and the tips of her fingers were covered in bruises.

However, medics found no signs of life and she was later reburied in her hometown of La Entrada, western Honduras.

Ms Perez, who was three months pregnant, reportedly died after she fell unconscious after waking up in the middle of the night to use the outside toilet of her home.

It is thought she may have collapsed from the fright after hearing a burst of gunfire. She began to foam at the mouth during the reported panic attack and her parents contacted a priest to attempt to exorcise her.

Perez became lifeless and was rushed to hospital where she was pronounced dead three hours later.

Perez's husband Rudy Gonzales is now claiming he was visiting her grave at the local cemetery when he heard the banging and muffled screams from inside the concrete tomb.

He raised the alarm and family members broke the tomb with a sledgehammer.

Mr Gozales told local TV news Primer Impacto: "As I put my hand on her grave I could hear noises inside. I heard banging, then I heard her voice. She was screaming for help.

"It had already been a day since we buried her. I couldn't believe it. I was ecstatic, full of hope."

Cemetery worker Jesus Villanueva also said he had heard noises.

"I convinced myself that the screams were coming from somewhere else. I never imagined that there was someone alive in there," he said.

Medics told the show they believed Ms Perez may have died from a lack of oxygen in the coffin.

However, Ms Perez's mother Maria Gutierrez firmly believes her daughter was buried alive and blames medics for being too quick to sign her death certificate.

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