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'Shame on you' - Irish woman’s Facebook complaint to Marks and Spencer over weak tea goes viral


AN Irish woman’s complaint to retail giant Marks and Spencer has gone viral.

Marie Byrne complained on the company’s official Facebook page after her parents were served weak tea in its Blanchardstown cafe.

When her mother (78) and father (80) asked for a second teabag to be put in the pot to make it stronger, they were refused.

“They were told they must BUY a second pot, they asked for a supervisor who confirmed they must pay”, Ms Byrne wrote.

“SHAME ON YOU FOR SUCH disgusting customer service and treatment of the elderly.

“As a regular customers of your stores be assured that my family, friends and business associates will NOT be frequenting you stores again.”

The post was like by over 10,000 people.

The store responded to the complaint on the page.

It confirmed that this was the officially policy in cafes, however it ‘expects staff to be flexible where possible.’

The store apologised that Ms Byrne was unhappy with the service her parents received, and pledged to pass the feedback on to the cafe manager. 

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