Monday 20 January 2020

'Ronaldo's dad' - Terry Wogan statue is unveiled in Limerick, Twitter questions the likeness

Terry Wogan (L), Ronaldo (R)
Terry Wogan (L), Ronaldo (R)

Daniel O'Connor

A new statue of Sir Terry Wogan has been unveiled in his home city of Limerick and, while people are applauding the gesture, some are questioning the likeness.

The statue was unveiled on Saturday by Mayor of Limerick Kieran O’Hanlon in tribute to the legendary broadcaster who died last year aged 77.

However, some people took to Twitter after the unveiling to claim the sculpture bore little resemblance to one of Limerick's famous sons.

Perhaps inevitably, comparisons were drawn with the bronze Cristiano Ronaldo sculpture which was unveiled earlier this year and subsequently mocked mercilessly on social media.

The statue was created by renowned bronze sculptor Rory Breslin, who has executed a large body of public commissions, and depicts Wogan seated with a microphone in one hand and a book in the other.

“As Limerick is his home place I want to celebrate the man's skills but also to see the relaxed Terry, engaging and familiar to us all,” Mr. Breslin said.

“He was a genial man, quick to smile, cheerful and warm. I hope this piece conveys that.”

In one of his last official acts as Mayor of Limerick, Kieran O’Hanlon also praised Terry Wogan and what he meant to the city of Limerick.

“Terry was always spoken about with pride,” Mayor O’Hanlon said. “He was a Limerick person who succeeded on the international stage but never forgot his roots.”

While the statue is quite clearly of the late, great Terry Wogan, people on social media are enjoying drawing comparisons with other public figures including Nick Cave, Glen Campbell, Will Ferrell and Jay Leno.




The statue is located at Poor Man's Kilkee on the River Shannon quayside, alongside Sarsfield Bridge.

A number of people travelled from Britain to attend the ceremony person, including several former BBC colleagues and members of the TOGs (Terry’s Old Geezers and Gals) fan club.

Wogan's fans and the large crowd in attendance at the banks of the River Shannon applauded its unveiling.

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