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Reddit community send pink flamingo around the world to help stranger cheer up his girlfriend



London Bridge

Users of Reddit teamed up to send a bright pink flamingo around the world.

One American redditor 'kenziespeights' shared his dilemma with the community, and a fellow redditor jumped to help him.

He shared that his girlfriend, who had been in a "really bad place lately", had fallen in love with a 'Skinnydip' handbag shaped like a bright pink glittery flamingo.  The problem was that the bag was only available for purchase in the brand's shop in London.

He explained that he really wanted to be "able to surprise her" with “something she thinks is impossible to get” and asked for the community’s help in putting “the biggest smile on her face”.

Reddit user ‘atlbeer’ volunteered his services and thus was born a dynamic duo of man and handbag.  He began their adventures with a snap in the centre of London, writing “Flamingo purse acquired… Operation Flamingo Transport has begun”. As timing would have it, he was off to New York on holiday a few days later so he decided to have some fun with his new purchase before passing it on.

The little pink purse saw the Tower of London, The L,ondon Eye and Big Ben and was photographed enjoying a glass of wine overlooking the runway at Heathrow Airport. Upon arrival in new York, the handbag was snapped at Times Square, the Museum of Modern Art and being packed into a FexEx box to make the last leg of its journey to its intended owner.

‘Atlbeer’ captioned the final photo “farewell, my friend”, updating the community that he has “a flamingo-sized hole in my carry-on (and my heart)”.

Kenziespeights thanked his new friend, writing that he "made this weird little bag so much more than a gift".

"I think I'm going to present my girlfriend... a "scrapbook" of the flamingo's travels".

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