Saturday 20 April 2019

PSNI post tongue-in-cheek pic of helicopter and dragon in response to claim they ruined Game of Thrones scene

PIC: PSNI Air Support
PIC: PSNI Air Support

The PSNI Air Support may continue to claim they did not gate-crash the filming of a "ridiculously sensitive scene" in the final season of Game of Thrones - but their own evidence suggests otherwise.

The Twitter account of the cops' eye in the sky tweeted a picture saying "hand on heart" they did not ruin any filming.

But what can be clearly seen in the reflection of both pilots' visors is  a Game of Thrones dragon.

"We can say hand on heart to @HBO that we never ruined the final scene of Game of Thrones in any way," they joked.

It comes after Entertainment Weekly's James Hibberd who was on set in April last year claimed the chopper flew overhead during filming.

Writing for the major US magazine, Hibberd described the turmoil that unfolded in Westeros.

"The great battle is over, the snowy ground is streaked with blood, beloved heroes lay dead outside the castle gates," he said.

"Winterfell is quiet. And then… a sudden roar from above. A gust of wind. A blur of low-flying movement.

"A dragon? No. An ice dragon? Worse."

The reaction of one alarmed crew member was said to have been: "F****** spoiler helicopter just flew right over the set."

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