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Presenter's shock at live audience NekNomination on BBC

BBC One presenter Stephen Nolan was unpleasantly surprised when an audience member did something unexpected on his show.

Nolan was taking audience and questions and pointed to one audience member, who can be heard to say " I thank ... for the nomination." The camera then pans to the man, who drinks a small bottle of jagermeister.

A shocked Nolan says 'No, No, No' and the camera switches back to him. He continues with the audience questions while shooting a few annoyed looks back at the culprit.

The incident happened on Wednesday and a clip, uploaded online last night, has been viewed over 5,000 times.

Twitter reaction to the incident was split. No statement or apology has been released about the incident from the network or the presenter.

Stephen Nolan is a Northern Irish radio and television presenter for BBC Northern Ireland and BBC Radio Five Live.

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