Thursday 21 November 2019

Prank or real life? Creepy cloaked figure haunts US playgrounds

The cloaked figure has sparked reaction online (Photo: Twitter/GazetteDiane)
The cloaked figure has sparked reaction online (Photo: Twitter/GazetteDiane)

Sasha Brady

A cloaked figure is haunting a US community by leaving raw meat in playgrounds.

Photos of the mysterious person covered in a dark, hooded cloak have surfaced online.

The photos went viral after sparking fear among some residents in the Gastonia neighbourhood of North Carolina when it was caught on camera lurking outside an apartment complex.

According to New York Daily News, the 'cloaked figure' has also created a form of a trademark, allegedly dropping raw meat around a local playground. Disturbing photos of the veiled person have also surfaced online, but the person's identity and gender is still unknown.

Since the picture was posted on a local Facebook group, there has been suggestions that it might be someone leaving poisoned meat to sicken or kill dogs.

Police have not confirmed the meat rumor.

"We don't know if this is some bogus prank somebody is playing," a Gastonia Police Department spokeswoman told The Gazette.

More than 1,000 Twitter users have commented on the post, voicing their concerns about the mysterious photo. Some users have made light of the situation and believe it to be a hoax or prank but there are some who are taking the situation seriously.

"We live in a world today where you don't know what's going on and you don't know people." said local resident Brooke Conrad.

Twitter user Scott G. Mitchell said "I waited, but the cloaked figure never appeared. Still, the people who live nearby seemed honestly concerned & frightened."

Some people have joked that it's a character from Star Wars or Harry Potter villain Voldemort on a grocery run.

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