Tuesday 20 August 2019

People take issue with Leo Varadkar's pic of himself putting a spoon in a dishwasher

Leo Varadkar shared a photo of himself loading a dishwasher
Leo Varadkar shared a photo of himself loading a dishwasher
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Leo Varadkar has shared a photo of himself placing a spoon in a dishwasher and in doing so he has incited the wrath the of the masses, or at least a few people on social media.

Amongst the updates on what he's doing work-wise all day, the Taoiseach often shares more mundane moments with his followers on social media.

The other night the man of the people shared an image of his new novelty socks.

On Thursday night he shared the image of himself putting a spoon in the dishwasher with the caption, "... no-one gets away without packing the dishwasher around here...."

....no-one gets away without packing the dishwasher around here....

Posted by Leo Varadkar T.D. on Thursday, November 9, 2017

The responses were generally less than jovial.

On Facebook Brigid Keane wrote, "Why don't you sort out the homeless crisis and the hospitals you actually think people care if you pack a dishwasher???? I'd rather you PAY someone to do it and you can get on with your '' job''"

Chris Boyd added, "You look a bit confused. Like you've never had to load a dishwasher in your life. That's what people who get up early have to do themselves. We don't have housekeepers to do it for us."

On Twitter people were equally unimpressed...

Some too a witty approach with their responses, like Matt Waine, "I always try to get up around 3.30 in the morning, stick the dishwasher on about 3.34.... spend 17 and half minutes picking out what socks I'll wear that day - usually I colour co-ordinate with the colours of the national flag of whichever dignitary I'm meeting that day... then I go for a 7 hour run around Castleknock handing out lion bars to all the other early risers - it's how I think we can make Ireland great again"

Sarah Collier added an observation, "Those bowls on the bottom won’t come out clean".

However, some were impressed by the Taoiseach.  Jagannadha R Muttumula said, "you lead by example. being Taoiseach you need not do all this but you are setting an example. True leader"

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