Friday 20 September 2019

#OneDay trends on Twitter as Irish users air their dirty laundry

Irish users are sharing the parts of their lives that are certainly not picture-perfect

Blogger Jessica Kelly is asking Irish people to "document the parts of life that don't normally get photographed" with the hashtag #OneDay.

Jessica wrote that her major problem with social media is that everything is now so curated.

“I use Instagram. I love Instagram. But I have a problem with Instagram".

"The majority of people use Instagram to show off".

She wants to encourage people to acknowledge the less exciting parts of their lives on social media - without attempts to glam it up.

"It tends to be ‘oh look, I’m having a cocktail in New York at 4pm on a Wednesday’ rather than ‘I stood in a puddle and now my jeans are soggy".

As part of her #OneDay campaign, she wants to see people "document the parts of life that don’t normally get photographed - the crap on your desk, the gross sandwich you had for lunch and the people you work with".

"I’m asking people to post as many photos, of as many scenarios, as possible on one day via Twitter and Instagram".

The campaign is trending on Twitter as people share the most mundane, boring and tedious parts of their day.

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