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Mythbusters create 'duck bomb' inspired by popular #DuckArmy vine


The two men behind the very popular TV show 'Mythbusters' have gained over 3m views after creating a 'duck bomb' inspired by a viral Vine.

Original Mythbusters Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman posted a video on Facebook 'mythbusting' the duck army vine. Adam recreated the conditions and deduced that the ducks would, in fact, create the noise made famous on the Vine.

The Duck Bomb

And now I present to you ... the DUCK BOMB. -- Adam #duckarmy

Posted by Jamie and Adam on Monday, 14 September 2015

Following the success of that video, they followed up with one in which they created a 'duck bomb', strapping the toy ducks together so that they would make noise once released. Adam then demonstrated how this would work as a 'bomb', throwing the ducks down on the table.

The video has been viewed over 3million times on Facebook already.

The 'Duck Army' vine was viewed over 112m times on the video sharing platform.

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