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Mulcahy: BBC's #AskPoldark becomes a bit of a farce


Aidan Turner, star of BBC drama Poldark

Aidan Turner, star of BBC drama Poldark

Aidan Turner, star of BBC drama Poldark

The BBC's attempt to host an #AskPoldark Twitter conversation became a bit of a farce after lead actor Aidan Turner was swamped with indecent proposals.

"How do I refrain from licking my flatscreen?" one fan of the Dubliner pondered.

"My mower has packed in. Will you come and scythe my lawn please?" one asked.

Another wondered; "Is there any way I can wake up to your perfect curly hair and magnificent stubble and chiselled body tomorrow morning?"

As Orson Welles said, there is nothing worse than "cold coffee, lukewarm champagne and overexcited women".


TD Seán Conlan, the man who appointed his fiancée Sarah Comiskey as his €50,000-a-year parliamentary assistant, is busy organising a 'Jobs Information Day' for those looking to get ahead in their career. The day-long workshop will inform attendees how to draft a cover letter, prepare for an interview and get down with social media networking.

No mention of nepotism, then?


He may have been let go by the BBC, but former 'Top Gear' host Jeremy Clarkson is still in demand.

Head honchos at Newstalk believe the presenter's bombastic persona is just what the station needs and have approached his agent.

While Newstalk may not be able to match Clarkson's old salary they seem relatively relaxed about his temper tantrums.

"Sometimes ructions happen," Pat Kenny said last week.

"People dust themselves down and they apologise or go to rehab or whatever."

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