Sunday 16 June 2019

Married Dublin man looking for an affair on Tinder caught with shirtless snap - with Moses basket in the background

Caitlin McBride

Caitlin McBride

A married man who claims to live in North Dublin was caught with his top off on Tinder - and has been torn apart online for a Moses basket pictured in the background of his profile.

The man, who only identified himself as 'P', said he is 42 and living in North Dublin area, who shared a picture of him without a shirt, and without a picture of his face as it's "too risky".

"Married, home alone tonight looking for someone to call in, share a bottle of wine, beer and more...sorry there is no headshot, too risky, but will send one if you are interested calling over. I'm in North Dublin area."

A woman from Kildare shared the screengrab on Twitter, saying: "My mate came across this tinder profile tonight. Extra Douchebag points for the Moses basket in the background."

The post has now been shared more than 500 times and the comments have flooded in with many lamenting his public desire to cheat on his family.

"I like that he took his wedding ring off for the photo but left a bassinet in the background," one tweeted.

Another wrote: "Ye, I may stay single for the rest of my life...

"Wow. Horrible. He's cheating on that child in the Moses basket as much as he is on his wife. When you have child all such bets are off," another user wrote.

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