Monday 16 December 2019

'Look Down' - hilarious Irish parody of anti-social media viral 'Look Up'

Clare Cullen

An Irish YouTuber has created a video parody of the massively popular video 'look up', from the opposite perspective.

'Look Up' is a spoken word poem by Gary Turk and it has received over 35m views in the two weeks since it was uploaded online. The video discussed human attachment to social media and made the case that we are missing out on life by spending it online. It was his first video and has earned him over 37,000 subscribers to date.

The parodies have begun rolling in and one particularly funny one comes from Irish comedian and entertainer Sean Burke,  perhaps best known for his '50 Family Guy Impressions' video and his Bear Grylls parody series.

Watch below - warning, some strong language featured.


Haven't seen the original?

Watch the original 'Look Up' video here.


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