Friday 15 November 2019

Late 'Frasier' star John Mahoney's most memorable moments remembered as friends and fans pay tribute

John Mahoney as Marty in Frasier, with Eddie (played by Moose)
John Mahoney as Marty in Frasier, with Eddie (played by Moose)
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Friends, fans and peers have been paying tribute to John Mahony by sharing some of his most memorable moments from Frasier and their experiences meeting and working with him.

The actor, who best best known for his role as Martin Crane, the father of the titular character in the NBC sitcom, passed away on Sunday at the age of 77.

He played the character of the gruff but lovable dad Marty in each of the 11 seasons of the hit show opposite Kelsey Grammar and David Hyde Pierce, who played his sons.  The role earned him two Emmy Award nominations.

Down to earth former police detective Marty was the heart of the show and his relationship with his rather pompous social-climber psychiatrist sons provided endless entertainment.

However, the show was often as moving as it was funny, and much of the drama centred around Mahony's character.

In the episode 'Our Father Whose Art Ain't in Heaven' in season 4, for example, Marty buys his sons a painting, which they absolutely hate, but reluctantly hang up.  When Marty finds out they don't like it he becomes emotional...

That ease with drama and comedy was also evident in one of the series final episodes, in which Marty experiences a heart attack when Frasier scares him dressed as a clown.

After the drama, the nurse at the hospital needs to confirm the paramedic report with Frasier in the packed waiting room.  She says, "Then you dressed up as a clown and lured your father into the living room where you leapt out waving a meat cleaver causing him to collapse!"

Many people consider Marty and his terrier Eddie to be one of the best double acts on TV.  Eddie, who was not exactly a fan of Frasier, was Marty's right hand mutt whether he employed Eddie to fool Frasier or got Eddie to drive Daphne mad while she was giving Marty physio so that she would get fed up and stop.

Here's John talking about working with Eddie (whose real name was Moose).

'He's the only scene stealer in our cast'

Here are some of the moments and memories people who worked with John Mahoney, or simply admired him, are sharing on Twitter:


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