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Kirsty's Christmas Crackers: The moments that got everyone talking (including Mel Gibson watching Mick flagellate Christ)

Keith Duffy and Brian McFadden
Keith Duffy and Brian McFadden
Linda gets the nod for Best Photo-Opp Queen with this sensational snap of her hurtling down a water slide in a rubber ring with her legs akimbo.
Hughie Maughan and Ryan Ruckledge at Apollo Nightclub
Mel Gibson
Kim Kardashian
Radiant: Jean Byrne at the VIP Style Awards 2016
Kian Egan
Kirsty Blake Knox

Kirsty Blake Knox

From celebrity spats and red-carpet clangers, to Linda Martin spread-eagled in a rubber ring - 2016 was a year I won't forget in a hurry. Here are some of the brilliant and bizarre highs and lows that made it the year it was.

The Best 'I've seen it all now, Ted' ­moment

Has to be when Mel Gibson (below) watched TD Mick Wallace flagellate a man in a cling-film loincloth who was pretending to be Jesus Christ.

The unconventional staging of The Passion was part of ThisIsPopBaby's show Riot.

Mel Gibson (60) and his pregnant girlfriend Rosalind Ross (26) seen out for a stroll in Dublin

Wallace was in the audience with his pal Clare Daly when he was selected to whip Christ with a foam pool noodle. He did so with all the vim and vigour you'd imagine.

All the while, Mel sat transfixed in the crowd. "People sitting beside Mel said they could hear him grinding his teeth," performer Seantastic said.

Red-Carpet Fail

Adele King and daughter Naoimi Agnew at The Marker Hotel for the VIP Style Awards 2016

When the VIP Style Awards party bus broke down en route to the after-party in Copper Face Jacks. Guests were left waiting for 45 minutes. Organiser Michael O'Doherty blamed one well-known guest who shall remain nameless. But then again, he always does.

Photo-opp King and Queen

Linda gets the nod for Best Photo-Opp Queen with this sensational snap of her hurtling down a water slide in a rubber ring with her legs akimbo.

So many worthy contenders but the lady and gent who went above and beyond have to be Panto/Eurovision trooper Linda Martin and Big Brother/Dancing with the Stars contender Hughie Maughan.

Linda gets the nod for this sensational snap of her hurtling down a water slide in a rubber ring with her legs akimbo.

Hughie Maughan and Ryan Ruckledge at Apollo Nightclub

Hughie provided an embarrassment of riches when it came to photos of him on the tear. Typical shots include him falling down stairs, licking his boyfriend's bare chest, above, and swinging out of lamp posts.

Best Celebrity Spat

Taylor Swift wraps an arm around Kim Kardashian while watching Kim’s husband Kanye West on stage at the 2015 MTV VMAs

Without a shadow of a doubt, the Taylor Swift/ Kim Kardashian (above)and Kanye fight takes it. This spat had it all; shady social-media slights, never-heard-before clips of Taylor chit-chatting with Kanye and Kim, informing us that it was the Year of the Snake. Sterling effort from everyone.

Things to ditch in 2017

* Crotch-flashing dresses.

* 1916

* Chokers

* Plaits

* Lip filler

Things to hold on to in 2017

* Dog fashion shows

* Bouncy perm curls

* Shiny silver ankle boots

* Loafers

The best social ­media backfire

Matt O'Connor of Fathers4Justice clearly intended to create a scene when he stormed the stage at the 58th Rose of Tralee dressed as a priest and shouted his head off. However, he must have been slightly disheartened when he saw that #Farmers4Justice not #Fathers4Justice was trending nationwide. D'oh.

The Bandwagon Award

The cult of the 'Influencers'.

Yes, some are legit but there is soooo much hot air out there. Let's get a bit of perspective and remember that Niall Horan's four-year-old nephew Theo is an influencer and has his own agent. So now.

Best Night Out

US Election results night (before midnight).

The US Embassy held their stars-and-stripes shindig in the Guinness storehouse. There was an open bar and an endless supply of burgers. We took photos beside a Statue of Liberty ice sculpture, discussed the best election gaffes and gifs, and talked about Hillary's jumpsuits. It was joyous.

Worst Night Out

Christ, deliver us. Later on that night, I headed to the Democrats Abroad - Ireland's 'Election of Hillary Clinton to the Presidency of the United States' party in the Arlington Hotel.

It wasn't exactly a barrel of laughs. It's how I imagine purgatory looking - with dejected and helpless souls crying out in anguish - including those who had supported Donald Trump.

Overused words of the year

In no particular order...

* Hygge

* #Squad

* #goals

* Brexiteer

* GirlBoss - just call yourself a boss for heaven's sake. You never hear men refer to themselves as #BoyBosses, now do you?

* Adulting

* Vibes

* Generation Snowflake

* Snapchat Star

Ireland's 2016 undisputed style icon

Radiant: Jean Byrne at the VIP Style Awards 2016

The RTÉ weather women got a lot of flak this year. Viewers wrote to the BAI complaining that the gals spent too much time fixating on their frocks rather than the forecast. But I would like to celebrate Jean Byrne's wonderful sense of style - just look at her at the VIP Style Awards - she's bloody radiant. Bravo, Jean, bravo.

Worst celebrity spat

Kian Egan

When Kian Egan, above, incurred the wrath of super-group Boyzlife (a bizarre boyband conglomerate of Westlife and Boyzone featuring Keith Duffy and Brian McFadden). Egan questioned the validity of Boyzlife's name, given his former bandmate Brian was only in Westlife for four years.

Brian hit back, saying: "I was actually in Westlife for more than four years but maths was never Kian's thing in fairness." Now, now boyz - play nice.

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