Wednesday 19 June 2019

KFC's St Patrick's Day ad will make you cringe so hard you might never recover

KFC's new O'Sanders Feast campaign
KFC's new O'Sanders Feast campaign

Stop with the stereotypes already.

KFC has launched a new meal to celebrate St Patrick's Day.

Naturally that meal comes with its own over-the-top 'Oirish' ad campaign

Just like with last years' Irish-ish O'Sanders burger, their 'marketing man' Randy is back to show us how to make a KFC meal more Irish (spoiler alert: throw in some culturally insensitive stereotypes and the job is done).

Last year the fast food chain launched a similar ad which offered a more tongue-in-cheek take.

The red-headed marketing man played on some of the things Irish-Americans do that really irritate Irish people, such as asking people if they know a distant ancestor, inquiring about hidden pots of gold and turning food green.

But now it just feels like they're trolling us.

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