Tuesday 21 January 2020

Justin Bieber's dirty glass is selling on eBay for more money than most people earn in a year

Justin Bieber REUTERS/Danny Moloshok
Justin Bieber REUTERS/Danny Moloshok
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More money than sense?

A dirty glass used by Justin Bieber is currently on sale on eBay for €73,000.

Last week it was reported that the Canadian singer had dined in the Kings Oak Hotel in Essex while on a break from his UK tour. While there, the 22-year-old enjoyed salmon and mash potatoes with a glass of milk before taking a walk in the woods with his minder.

One enterprising person, who claims to be a staff member at the hotel, managed to snatch the glass before it could be washed and is now selling it on the bidding site.

Justin Bieber's dirty class is currently on sale on eBay for €73k
Justin Bieber's dirty class is currently on sale on eBay for €73k

Bidding stands at £65,900 (around €73,760.35) after 86 bids. The minimum bid was originally just £10.

The description reads: "I work at the Kings Oak Hotel where Justin Bieber was seen yesterday having dinner and we kept his milk glass, it hasn’t been washed!"

The assistant manager of the hotel, Amy Potter revealed that the bidding idea had started off as a joke but quickly escalated.

"All these school kids turned up [after Justin left] and we gave his water bottle to them but we had put his stuff to the side and then said, 'Let's put it on Ebay for a laugh and see what we can get for it,'" she said.

Talk about milking an opportunity... ahem.

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