Sunday 19 May 2019

It's the 'flaunt your wealth' social media challenge - Irish style

Pat Travers creates an Irish version of 'flaunt your wealth'
Pat Travers creates an Irish version of 'flaunt your wealth'

AOife Kelly

An Irish man has given the Chinese social media trend, 'flaunt your wealth' a decidedly Irish spin.

The bizarre trend, which involves people photographing themselves falling out of cars surrounded by luxury goods, has gone viral on social media in China.

Pat Travers, from Wexford, was intrigued and decided to do the Irish version which involved a tent, wheel barrow, and a few cans.

"[It was a] spur of the moment thing!" he tells  "In one way it's so funny and another it's sad when you see all the social issues like homelessness."

Photo: Weibo
Photo: Weibo

He adds, "I got up from my dinner, put up the tent, grabbed the bike, cans, bucket, and wheel barrow, just as the sun was going down in Blackwater, set up the camera and Flaunted My Wealth!

"I guess I see wealth in the simple things."

Photo: Weibo
Photo: Weibo

The 'flaunt your wealth' challenge has generated more than a million posts on Chinese social platform Weibo in the past two weeks.

Participants pose as if they've just fallen out of a luxury car and spilled their most valuable possessions onto the pavement. Some of the posts have received tens of thousands of likes.

The global trend started in July in Russia after a DJ posted a photo of himself pretending to fall out of a private jet on Instagram.

Since then, more than 100,000 Instagram posts with hashtags such as #fallingstars and #fallingstars2018 have been posted around the world.

Observers have suggested the act of showing off wealth also highlights China's rising middle class, who have increasing purchasing power.

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