Tuesday 22 January 2019

It's spider mating season and people are tweeting their not-for-the-faint-hearted experiences

A spider.
A spider.
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

As an arachnophobe, writing about spider mating season is extremely difficult.

Suddenly your hair brushing your shoulder is a potential attack.  That frayed sofa edge casts a giant arachnid-shaped shadow on the floor.  And now you've read everyone else's spider encounters there will be no sleeping for the week...

The bad news is that right now male spiders are on the hunt for female spiders - many are marching through your home, under your duvet, over the shower, across your sofa, into your shoe...  They'll mate and make baby spiders which will emerge in the spring.

Lord help us.

Just last month JK Rowling admitted she has a fear of spiders when she posted a pic on Twitter of a large one in a jar and revealed her husband had to save her.

Rowling said: “I am a strong, independent woman.

“Also, thanks very much to my husband for dealing with this so I could go through the door it was blocking.”

She's not alone.  Across the country people are tweeting about their experiences with our eight-legged friends and it seems there's something of an invasion.

Here's a sample of the battles taking place:

JK Rowling jokes about run-in with large spider 

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